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Bratislava Airport

Bratislava airport can be found nine kilometers of Bratislava Castle at the northeastern side, it is considered as the main international Bratislava airport of Slovakia. It is just one hire drive from Vienna, Czech Republic and Gyor of Hungary. There are schedules and non-scheduled international & domestic flights are available going to Europe, Middle East & North Africa too. Some of the scheduled flights there are meant for DanubeWings, Air Onix Ryanair, Norwegianair and others.

The airport is named after Milan Rastislay Stefanik that started out in 1993 wherein the aircraft crashed along Bratislava in nineteen nineteen. Just in 2010, this airport had served more than 1M passengers which is just equivalent to nineteen percent of the capacity of the Bratislava airport yearly. This Bratislava airport is just accessible in the city center because it’s just nine kilometers away from D1 highway. There are more than sixty one public transportation systems that connect this Bratislava airport to the city and central railway station too. There are buses and taxi system that are on standby nearby the airport entrance to accommodate passengers coming to and from Bratislava.


The European Union arrivals & departures duty Bratislava airport shopping is offered by duty free. Though there are other shops in and nearby the airport, duty free is still one of the biggest shops there. Duty free is considered as an EU member and the sales are not tax free especially for passengers who traveled to EU. Travelers are also not allowed to buy tax free and duty free goodies upon reaching an EU airport when traveling outside of Bratislava. This place has shops where passengers can buy goodies at very competitive prices for all the passengers.

Their sales are called travel value shopping that a lot of passengers enjoy the most. A lot of European airport nowadays including Bratislava airport offer passenger’s shops where you can buy goodies at a very affordable price. Some of the shops are located at the baggage claiming area and most of them are open 24/7. All the shops in Bratislava are available nonetheless of where you came from. They mostly offer tax paid shopping rates and you can find them at the departure lounge.

Airlines & passengers

Bratislava airport now serves different airlines like Air Onix which is going back and forth Kyiv Zhuliany, DanubeWings which is serving Kosice, and Norwegian Air which is serving Oslo and Gardermoen and they also have shuttles but that is just seasonal going to Copenhagen. Ryanair is can also be found in Bratislava and they are serving passengers going to Birmingham, Brussels, Liverpool, Luton, London, Rome and Bergamo. Travel Service Airlines can be found there too and it is serving passengers going to Tel Aviv but that is on a seasonal basis. Utair Aviation is also there serving passengers going to Moscow and Vnukovo and vice versa. These airlines are serving people and some other options are ABS Jets, Opera Jet and others. The Bratislava airport of Bratislava is also the base of the government for flying services to rescue people during calamities and it has been the home of the police bases so you can also find some of the helicopters there.


Bratislava airport has 1 terminal only and it was built in 1970 but it was destroyed in 2011 to build a new terminal that was completed in July of 2012. Now that they have a new terminal, they are serving both departures and arrivals there until such time that they were able to build terminal B and Terminal C as well. There is also a new control tower. This new building is linked to the terminal B and it was finished in 2008. Now it is a house to the Slovak travel agencies and to the local post office as well.

Airport Information

Official Name:
M. R. Štefánika
Time Zone:
GMT -1.0
Latitude (DD):
Longitude (DD):
Latitude (DMS):
48° 10’ 0" N
Longitude (DMS):
17° 13’ 0" E
Passengers (2017):
Official Website:


2,900m (9,515ft)
60m (197ft)
3,190m (10,466ft)
45m (148ft)