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Bratislava Tourist Attractions

Of many places around the world to visit, you may find Slovakia an interesting place to see. One of the best things to look forward to in this country is the city of Bratislava. This is the capital city of the country and the largest one to explore. You will definitely land on the airport of Bratislava and you can begin your adventure here as it is filled with exciting and beautiful Bratislava Airport attractions.

As you go out of the airport, you will see that it is located on the bank of Danube River. Once you explore the entire city, then you will discover that it borders Austria and Hungary. Bratislava is a very charming and vibrant city. There are lots of interesting buildings as part of their history and culture. Right before you start sightseeing, then you may want to find out what to expect in this city once you arrive at Bratislava Airport. The following are popular Bratislava Airport attractions to visit.

Bratislava Castle

This castle has unmistakable design and it houses the Slovak National Museum. The castle features many amazing exhibitions and you can see different historical musical instruments.

Primatial Palace

This venue is very popular Bratislava Airport attractions because this was where the great Napoleon signed Pressburg Peace Treaty during the year 1805. The place is the home for Municipal Museum and features rich collection of English Tapestries. These pieces are hidden within the walls of the palace.

St. Martin's Cathedral

This church is considered as one the finest and oldest structure of all Bratislava Airport attractions as this was built during 14th to 15th centuries. This place is the best representation of gothic style. In the past, the city was the capital of Hungarian Kingdom, kings and queens were crowned in this cathedral like Marie Theresa.

St. Michael's Tower

One of the most magnificent Bratislava Airport attractions is this tower. This is a part of the original Watch Tower Gates that is still available for public. Today, it acts as gateway going to North from the Old Town. As you roam around the place, you will see expositions of Arms and Municipal Fortifications from the first up to the sixth floor. Those vacationers who will reach the top of the tower are rewarded with an amazing view of the entire Bratislava. The best thing about going on top of the tower is the opportunity to take lots of awesome photos as souvenir.

Novy Most

This is a bridge with unusual design and this may or may not attract you, but this is the symbol of the city. You can take a lift to reach the top of the bridge and find UFO café and find spectacular view of the city. There are many Bratislava Airport attractions that can offer city view, but this one offers the best panorama.

The Slovak National Museum

This is where you can find the city’s history and unique culture. It is exciting and fun to look at different ancient figures and learn new information about wildlife and old exhibits. If you are looking for educational Bratislava Airport attractions, this is the place to be.

Chatom Sofer Mausoleum

This is one of the few Bratislava Airport attractions that requires visitor to opt for advance special arrangements. This is the place that commemorates Chatam Sofer who was a spiritual leader.

As you explore different Bratislava Airport attractions you should not overlook Devin Castle. It is located at Devin Borough and was renovated in order to provide better experience to tourists. It is close to Danube Rivers and Morava. Of the different interesting places in Slovak, this one represents the importance of Slovak archaeological site. Inside this castle, you will find rich history and beautiful surrounding area.