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Bratislava Airport is situated at the eastern part of this capital city in Slovakia. The beauty of its location is that it is directly connected to D1 motorway bypass. None of the first time vacationers will find it hard to navigate out of the airport independently by car. This capital city has reliable road system as it bordered two countries. This city can be easily reached through motorways with limited access to highways from the northern part of Slovakia and other countries such as Czech Republic, Austria, Poland and Hungary.

It is possible to leave the town without the need go out of the motorway. Just like in its neighboring countries Austria and Czech Republic, you are required to get a sticker on your windshield in order to drive at the motorway. These stickers are widely available at diverse gas stations and it is better if you will stop at the nearest gas station that you come across with. The cheapest ticket that you can get cost around €10 and you can use it for 10 days. You will never experience a gas station that offers none.

Right after you enter the city premises, then there is parking information that can lead you to a free parking spot. If you happen to be at the city center, then you can either opt for paid underground garages or purchase parking card from vendors wearing yellow vest and look for free spot on the streets where you can park your car.

There is an airport parking if you need to leave your car for several days. During peak season, you will find none if you failed to book in advance. You can choose to rent a car with driver, so you will not find it difficult to roam around the city going to the airport. This is very important especially for first time travelers.

Tourists must always follow traffic rules while driving to and from the airport to avoid problems and delays. There is none that can stop you from getting around the city from the airport. If you will pass through the motorway, you will find it easier to reach different places in no time. getting to and from the airport is not a difficult task while driving a car as Bratislava roads to the airport is strategically developed to give easy access for both locals and tourists. You can drive with peace of mind.

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