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Bratislava Airport Trains

There is Main Train Station that can serve international trains with great connection going to buses. You can easily get to the city through Bratislava Airport trains. The train connection stopped in November of 2011, because of track damage. The principal station is situated at Bratislava-Petržalka and this is known as a residential district. From the airport there is an easy access going to the train station and there is a shuttle bus service that can take you there.

There is Central Station also known as Hlavna stanica that is situated few minutes from the city center. This station is at the capital city and the closest one to Bratislava Airport. This is the most accessible Bratislava Airport trains, but you need to ride bus number 61. From here, you can get to all possible destinations around the city even during night.

This train station has different facilities such as free Wi-Fi access, buffet, luggage lockers, toilets and ticket machines. With the help of other public transportation like bus, then you can reach the airport. There is a trolley bus from the airport that can take you to the train station with maximum of 15 minutes time.

There are other Bratislava Airport trains stations for international travelers. You can find Station Petrzalka and it is within the district of Petrzalka that can offer direct connection to Vienna. The Vinohrady train station is connected to North, East to South of Slovakia.

At the Main Train Station, there are ticket counters, ATM machines, news stand and food outlets to better serve both locals and international travelers. The ticket desk is most of the time queuing, so it is required to arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure to avoid being late. At the ticket desk, you can use your credit card in case you do not have any cash. Desk attendants can speak both English and German. You can safely ride the train station at night as there are Slovak Railway Police roaming around the place.

Travel announcements are in English and Slovak for everyone to understand. The departure and arrival board is in the main hall. Bratislava Airport trains are reliable way to reach any place in Slovakia to and from the airport. It can offer affordable service and fast route to different destinations. You can arrange your itinerary according to train schedules. You can avoid traffic if you will ride the train, but you need to stand in long lines especially during peak season.