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Bratislava Airport Buses

Going to Bratislava in Slovakia does not require you to rent car or to ride a taxi as there are public transportations like buses and trains for you to ride. If you are not in a hurry and you want to save tons of money, then getting to Bratislava Airport through a bus is an easy task to do. The bus can take you to and from the airport from the bus line #61 that can take you to Main Train Station. This place has great number of bus connections that can take you to diverse places around and outside the city. It takes 25 minutes to reach the city and the bus gets full along the way.

You need to become aware that the bus has 10 minutes interval during peak season and 20 minutes interval for off peak season. If you want full schedule for getting to Bratislava Airport, then you can find it in the airport website. You need a 60-minute ticket if you want to get to the station and it costs € 0.90 for adults. These tickets are only available at the ticket machine. The bus driver do not sell tickets while on board, so it is must that you purchase the ticket right before going inside the bus. You will find another bus line at #96 that can take you to Petrzalka.

The # 61 will take you to the city center in case you reserve a hotel accommodation in this part of the city. The bus stop is at the Arrival Terminal. Getting to Bratislava Airport is easier if you will buy tickets ahead of time especially for group. You can buy tickets from newsagents that you can find at the ground floor of the Departure terminal. There are available tickets at City Tourist Point situated at the arrival terminal. If you want easy access, then there are ticket machines at the arrivals and public transportation bus stop.

If you need a ride from the Main Railway going to the main bus station, then opt for bus 210 that can drive you directly to and from these two stations. It leaves every 10 minutes. The approximate time for the route is 10 minutes. Once you get to the vehicle, then you need to mark your ticket at the marking machine located next to the bus door. Getting to Bratislava Airport is never a problem even for first time tourists as bus transport in Slovakia is very reliable.