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Bratislava Airport Transfers & Taxis

Taxi service at Bratislava Airport is not a bad choice in case you forget to reserve for car rental service. One of the most reliable Bratislava Airport transfers is taxi service, because it is widely available and can bring you to your point of destination in no time. In this city there are 20 taxi firms with more than 1,000 vehicles and lots of professional drivers. If you want to ride a taxi, then you need to ensure that you only opt for a service with the name of the taxi company as it is cheaper and safer option. Unmarked taxis are not safe as it is not connected to a legitimate firm.

You need to be extra careful as drivers who are not working for a particular taxi will not be accountable in case of road accident or any complaints. You should not get taxi from Hviezdoslavovo square as drivers will ask for very expensive fare. Bratislava Airport transfers like taxi is very reliable especially if it is from the airport as they are closely monitored by airport officials.

Airport is accessible from different part of the city. There are numbers of taxis and buses to choose from. This is very useful for diverse Bratislava hotels as it is connected to D1 highway that provides easy access to other important parts of the city. It is just 30 minutes from the airport. If you will arrive at the airport by night or early morning, then it is possible to reach the airport around 15 minutes travel time. Taxi is one of the fastest Bratislava Airport transfers as it can find the best route to get away from traffic.

Bratislava Airport transfers through taxi are guaranteed safe, fast and available at discounted rates around € 18 going to hotels in different parts of the city. You can look for taxi service, so the driver can meet you at the arrival area. The driver will wait for you especially if you encounter delayed flight. Airport pickup is possible if you will use the booking form. Getting a taxi at the airport without pre-ordering can be very expensive. You need to spend around € 18 for a taxi service from the city center going to the airport. Some companies may have minimum rate that can cost € 3.32 for one trip. During special events, occasions and holidays, taxi companies have surcharges because of traffic.